Follow Me Drawing

Follow Me Drawing
This is my 1st Anniversary and I would like to say thanks you to all of you for following me and I hope you have a great year. My gift to you is you spend anything over 75.00 I will take 5 dollars off your order. So what do you say about that. Lets Go Shopping.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Discontinued Items Now on Sale

Some of our discontinued items are being turned back on for 25% off regular price. The prices listed below are retail pricing and does carry volume.
The items include:
21211 7oz Save A Life $9.00
01100 13oz Carmel Macchiato $10.50
01101 13oz Hazelnut Vanilla Cream $10.50
01102 13oz Cherry Marble Mocha $10.50
01105 13oz Hot Chocolate $10.50
01228 14oz Hot Maple Toddy $10.50
05200 7oz Hot Chocolate $9.00
05202 7oz Sugar Cookie $9.00
05203 7oz Candy Cane $9.00
05204 7oz Hot Cider $9.00
06003 4oz Clove Nectar $7.50
09005 FEH Brown Tote Bag with Logo $8.00
09006 FEH Stressball $5.00
09007 FEH Coffee Mug $8.00
03044 7oz Cinnamon Adore $6.75
02045 7oz Stressless Adore $6.75
03046 7.3oz Adore Cubes $6.75
Get yours while supplies last! As they are discontinued items, quantities are limited and sold as is.

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