Follow Me Drawing

Follow Me Drawing
This is my 1st Anniversary and I would like to say thanks you to all of you for following me and I hope you have a great year. My gift to you is you spend anything over 75.00 I will take 5 dollars off your order. So what do you say about that. Lets Go Shopping.

Club Fashion Fragrance

Club Fashion Fragrance is a program that allows customers to receive the newest in fragrances and print trends on a reoccurring basis. Club Fashion Fragrance creates a new group of products every month that automatically ship to those customers enrolled in the program. Our product development team watches the trends every month to bring you the new and the innovative.
Each month these product bundles are valued at anywhere from $55-$65 dollars. For Every Home offers this program at only $40 a month. Despite being a great deal, these products are new trends and styles that are not available in the current catalog and are made exclusive for those members of the program. From Cheetah print to Summer Denim, Club Fashion Fragrance allows you keep up to date with the newest styles that you will see out on the market.
Founder of For Every Home, Becky Anderson, created this program to enable customers to pair their favorite fragrances to the modern styles that people are using in home decor and clothing. This encompassing approach to fragrance not only makes your home have that perfect aroma but allows that fragrance to exist in an esthetically pleasing atmosphere.

For Every Home, bringing you the newest in fragrance and fashion 
To sign up please leave your name and email and paypal if you need it Email Me Here I will contact you for more info. If you want to join and don't use credit card or debit card I will also take paypal I will give you more info on that as well
November's Fragrance Of The Month

Grab your while they are
Deadline is 11/31/11