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Follow Me Drawing
This is my 1st Anniversary and I would like to say thanks you to all of you for following me and I hope you have a great year. My gift to you is you spend anything over 75.00 I will take 5 dollars off your order. So what do you say about that. Lets Go Shopping.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


These were a tremendous hit last year and FEH brought them back (but in aromatherapy fragrances). Our salts are not only good for the skin (helps soften), but also contain Epsom salts so they help relax you and sooth your muscles.

These make FANTASTIC Gifts (Mother's Day, Graduations, Birthdays, Co-Workers, etc.) and the jar can be reused (add candies, shells, etc.). The aromatherapy fragrances are:

* Lavender – known for calming the mind, easing stress and relaxes the body.
* Eucalyptus – great for muscle pains, sinus problems and arthritis.
* Peppermint – found to increase memory and alertness and great for itchy skin and headaches.

Give me a call or you can go to my website and place your order

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